Web Development

We help our clients find out their “Unique Greatness” and understand what they need to share and show online. We want you to feel confident and proud of the impression you are making. We have a knack for figuring out what makes you the best of you, and what attracts those folk you want to attract. We can co-create with you, an impactful, impressive representation of your brand online. Through learning about you and your audience, and understanding your and their behaviours we help you raise awareness and share your messages. We strategise, design, use social media, plan marketing, write copy, and code code . We create websites, email newsletters, logos, brochures, sharable images.

As a local website development company from Switzerland, we create only top quality websites with great back-end support. We have experts in PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, Backbone, Angular.js, node.js and various web development tools. We work on every minute detail of the website functionality so that end-users never face any issues or errors. We also develop custom websites, e-commerce portals, static business websites etc.We have great knowledge about various Content Management Systems (CMS) like Oxid, Magento, Square Space, Shopware and many more.


Today it’s the era of Internet and people make use of internet to search for anything via search engines like google, yahoo, bing, aol, msn and many more. Thus SEO is the important for a website to help in business growth. Immediate After getting an attractive Website in running position, the website promotion is always required to bring good traffic on the Website through Web. 90% of Internet users rely on search engines to find product, services & websites.

We aim to drive highly targeted and relevant traffic to our clients’ websites by substantially improving search engine visibility. We then look to increase the number of conversions on those websites, so that this increased traffic leads to more sales and more enquiries. Our young & dynamic team understands the power of social and digital market. We focus on getting results from channel of online sources. Search Engine Optimization is the most effective market to start with. Facebook, Google AdWords has very deep reach & huge advantages for startups. Our HTML email templates are very effective with better conversion rates.  Our experts make SEO marketing easy for you and we wish to offer best seo services in switzerland and Germany.

Brand Videos / Personal Brand Videos

Videos are an ideal way to learn and share information. By repeating a sequence, the viewer is able to analyze information or instructions accurately and practice certain aspects until they are mastered. With modern applications and increasingly powerful equipment, the cost of producing videos has dropped considerably compared to the past. Today, one or two-person companies are able to produce high-quality videos within a short time and we will help you with this.

Advertising your business is must to increase revenue and reach the huge customer base worldwide. Businesses need to start making brand design videos to give their content a lift and to stay competitive. To showcase the best about product or business, the best way to strike the product or business in customers brain, visual images works the best. Another very important aspect about brand videos is with correct tags added to video can improve your Google ranking. So to increase your demand, we help you to create videos for your brands that will explain the end user to learn and understand if they are getting what they are looking for. We have a team who understand the current market and analyse and create the videos for your brand.

Elevate your Brand Identity with Our Custom Logo Design!

It is not that simple to make a Logo! We feel Logo is Logic + Goal = LoGo. A Logo is the face of your brand or any company! Pick any brand and look at the logo of that brand, every time you will see that the logo somehow represents or conveys a story of the respective brand! It might seem easy to create a Logo, doesn’t it? Take a paper! Draw something related to your company! Use some bright colors and DONE! But its not that easy. Perfection doesn’t come easy but we make sure that we bring out the best in your logo and we bring perfection to the plate every single time. Our designers ensure that your brand identity shines through in your logo and it is a perfect emblem to represent your business. Whether you are a new brand looking to establish its market or an existing one, we ensure that your uniqueness and individuality is celebrated in your business logo. We know the significance of having a custom logo design as we know it is the single most important entity that serves as a foundation for a powerful brand. We believe its not just a Logo design but its Best Logo Design and not all Online logo design services are not trustworthy so you can surely trust local Logo design agency from Switzerland and Germany.

Mobile App Development

When the business is running smoothly over a digital platform then that needs to be on mobile as well!  We offer comprehensive and custom-built mobility solutions and services. Mobile app is required as everyone finds it easy to buy a product from mobile as compared to a website. User can select, search, compare and can work simultaneously.  It is not only about mobile apps development, your web solution, ERP should be compatible with mobile & tablet.  Basically, mobile application development helps improve the ease of use and eventually increase customer base and revenue. In today’s world it’s difficult to find trustworthy mobile apps development services or company. If it’s just online they may not be reliable and if its local then it’s expensive, to solve this problem FairIT solutions provides various types of mobile apps at very affordable cost with great reliability. We are one of the affordable local mobile apps development companies in Switzerland. Whether it’s a native app or a hybrid one, we are there to help you with our expertise.

Quality Assurance

When a product is ready whether its a website or a mobile app. It needs to be tested thoroghly to ensure smooth working on production. We offer manual and automation testing services where we test it fully and its functionality is tested end to end. Often the unsung heroes, we hold our Quality Assurance in high regard. Our team is integral in maintaining our high standard of delivery, as we test every project thoroghly. We run rigorous QA operations for a variety of applications and have worked on numerous highly reputable projects.

Analytics and Support

Our analytics division can help find solutions for your business often hidden in the data. Whether you have an existing business or have just begun collecting data on your business, we can help support your business with our suite of analytical tools. Additionally, we offer support for all applications we develop, as well as for others who need IT management for their existing business, applications and websites. We can save you time and help run your entire IT division.


Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is impactful upon industry structures and strategic positioning, and all levels of an organization (activities, tasks and processes) and its stakeholders and extended supply chain. Technology-enabled change can unlock hidden productivity gains, and help your business gain significant competitive advantages. Let us help you understand where and how the fundamentals of your current operation could be improved with technology applications and stay protected against agile new entrants or business models.

FairIT solutions provides you the platform where you can change your day to day business work style to a digital world and this digital transformation is must for business to grow to new heights and world wide. Now a days everyone wants easy in life and for that everyone is checking digital means for all their needs. In digital tranformation we will help you setup your business digitally, like by setting up cloud computing that will reduce hardware dependancy any other hardware or infrastructure costs to setup your business.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Empower Your Businesses with the Best IOT Solutions. IOT or Internet of Things, many people wonder “what is internet of things”, it is a whole science where you can easily collect or even exchange the data comprehensively. It is made possible through the physical interlink of the devices with other objects that are performing mechanically and fixed with the net connection of the sensors and software. IOT solutions are maximizing opportunities for remotely controlled network infrastructure with the integration of physical devices with computing systems. There are various internet of things examples in current technology world starting from Amazon Alexa to smart access control solutions. Internet of things companies offering innovative solutions for easing day to day life.

Today, the IOT management platform is prominently reducing human interruption and collecting data from diversified locations, while improving efficiency and accuracy of the work. IOT technology solutions are paving its way for a connected, smarter and better world than ever before. With the Internet of Things, unlock the full potential required for businesses that desire value creation along with systematic addressing of unrevealed challenges. Among the trusted Internet of Things companies, FairIT Solutions is trusted IOT application development firm from Switzerland and Germany, with knowledge, expertise, talent, and brilliance for handling the challenging times. With us unleash the innovative potential of your businesses and transform core needs into competitive differentiation. From complete integration of the right sensors and deriving inspirational insights for choosing the best and unique platform, we provide exceptional IOT services to our clients worldwide. With affordable IOT solutions providers in the Europe we make businesses and their lives more efficient and easier. Accelerate your business success, networking, and management with us to excavate the dynamic potential for a complete lifetime.