Who we are

We are a lean Digital agency with a presence in Switzerland and Germany. We are lean because we do not employ IT, specialists. We offer our professional service by recruiting professional IT companies and highly qualified freelancers. Thanks to this set-up, there are no expensive operating costs for our company. Furthermore, this organization allows for an efficient workflow as only relevant people are involved.

“It’s important to realize that there is a huge difference in the language used by the IT professional and the entrepreneur. Which is understandable, because the way of looking at things comes from different angles and approaches in each case.”

With these experiences gained, we know the language of clients (we are one too) and have learned to translate it into the language of IT professionals. We understand our role as project managers and IT services providers. We have an established base of providers; IT companies and freelancers, and are in personal contact. Because we know all our IT professionals, we can ensure the professional execution of IT services.

Our Founders

Nishant Mhatre


Information Technology professional and Founder of Fair-IT Solutions. As an IT professional he has great knowledge of IT businesses and global IT systems. He has worked worldwide as an expatriate in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and various countries in Europe incl. UK and India on various digital IT implementations. He also worked on various agile implementations like SCRUM, Spotify, and business-driven developments. With this vast technical expertise and experience in various working cultures, Fair-IT Solutions brings the right mix of business and information technology to Fair-IT clients.


Annemarie M. Sickeler


Entrepreneur. Takes over the organizational management and is significantly involved in the day-to-day business and expansion of Fair-IT Solutions. Fashion enthusiast. Alumni Business School St. Gallen. Knowledgeable of different business cultures due to long international working and living assignments as an expatriate.
As founder and owner of an international start-up, she knows exactly what it means for a small business to build an online presence without being a professional in this field and also not speaking the “IT language”.